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Imagine your current brand experience, then add a beautiful curated retail shop that supports that vision plus adds revenue, and all of the sudden you've differentiated your brand from the competition.

Here's the icing on the cake, If you can learn to master just FIVE skills you can open and run a successful retail store- even if you don't have retail experience, an existing space, or loads of cash to invest in your current business.

Most people assume, quite incorrectly, that you need to have the budget of a small island in order to add retail to your space- because you have ALL THE THINGS in order to help other people, right? 


Hey, if money is no object, awesome go to town, but you don't have to spend a small fortune to create an unforgettable experience for your clients. But you DO need five very important skills that will make or break your retail business from the get go.

You CAN operate a profitable retail business,

  • Even if you’ve never worked in retail.

  • Even if you're new to your industry.

  • Even in this economy...when “retail is going online.”

You’ve been trudging uphill, barefoot and backwards, trying to differentiate yourself from your industry competition.

Adding retail can get you there.

The biggest regret of small business owners isn’t that they tried something new, it’s that they didn’t take a risk and dream bigger. They stayed in their lane. They kept to what they know. They listened to outside influences. They existed at a level of comfort, but missed out on the opportunity to grow. 

Because trying new things is scary and many of us aren't comfortable being uncomfortable. The problem is, that narrow-minded thinking makes for a familiar brand, but a forgettable one.

Retail isn’t built for hobbyists: it’s built for entrepreneurs. 

The entrepreneur who prefers to be overwhelmed with extraordinary, rather than bored with predictable. The entrepreneur who wants to offer experiences and things; who wants to connect with their clients over an evening of sipping cocktails and shopping handbags.  

They plan parties and events that bring in new clients. They want to build a gateway to their current service offerings, one that feels authentic and community driven. They educate those held hostage by the standard shopping experience: department store fluorescent lighting, or the unpredictable online trap that even the savviest of shoppers fall into. 

Retail is for the bold, the adrenaline junkies; the forward thinkers, the lionhearted. It’s for the risk-takers, the ambitious, and those who know that a brands value is only as big as their ideas.  

Whether you’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey for awhile now or just carving out space, the thing you’ve got in common is knowing that retail isn’t about a place: it’s about people. 

If you want to open a successful retail store like a boss you need a guidebook written by the experts.

Retail Reinvented Challenge

We will cover:

Meet Your Guides

Retail Consultant and Stylist Michelle Krick and Photographer and Boutique Owner Elise Kutt

An Enneagram 7 and 3 walk into a bar...

No, but seriously, Elise and Michelle are two high energy, insanely driven powerhouses in their industries and community. After meeting in 2018 and working together to launch Naughty Bettie, west Michigan's first and only European inspired lingerie boutique built off of Elise's photography studio Mod Bettie Portraits, they teamed up to bring Michelle Krick's years of retail knowledge to small business owners across the world.

They know what works because they're a dynamic duo of hustlers with a combined 45+ years of experience in their industries.

And that means not only do you get the REAL scoop on everything- like how to survive a grueling 3 days at market- but you get it from the perspective of people who are actually doing the work and have exactly the same goals as you!

And now we want to show you how adding retail to your photography or yoga studio, salon or coffee shop can not only add additional revenue to your current business but set your brand apart from the competition.

Introducing the Modern Retail Method's FREE Challenge: Retail Reinvented 

This 5 Day Challenge will walk you through the process of opening a profitable experience based retail store off your existing service based business.

We will show you how adding retail can bring in new revenue, differentiate yourself from your competitors and create a gateway to your current services.

This program works for people in any industry at any age with any level of experience- even if you’ve never worked in retail. 

Expand your brand before your competition beats you to it.  

Offer. More. Experiences. 

Experience. Based. Retail.

Retail Reinvented Challenge

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