Stand out from your competitors and learn how to wholesale so you can take your client closet from no sales to WHOA, SALES!


    Your clients need lingerie for their sessions whether you offer a client closet or not. If your town is anything like mine the options for shopping intimates, BLOWS. Why not offer them an all-inclusive experience from consultation to image reveal!

  • MAKE MORE $$$$

    You are an expert in your industry and you already know what you love to shoot on your clients. Learn how to buy lingerie at wholesale prices and how to sell at a retail margin of 50%-65%!

Here’s a little secret: if you can curate your clients best photos for their reveal, you can curate a beautiful selection of lingerie AND make money doing it. You're already an entrepreneur, you're already doing the hard work building your brand, why not add more revenue to your business? 

You can build a profitable client closet- even if you don’t have retail experience, an existing space, or loads of cash to invest in your current business.  

Many photographers assume, quite incorrectly, that you need to have the budget of a small island in order to offer your clients a luxe boudoir experience- because you have to have ALL THE THINGS  in order to help other people, right? 


Hey, if money is no object, awesome go to town, but you don’t have to spend a small fortune to create an unforgettable experience for your clients. But you DO need a roadmap, that will teach you how to wholesale and how to not overbuy product. 

The Modern Retail Method: From Client Closet to Wholesale is our online training program designed to help you build and launch a high end, profit driven client closet into your existing boudoir studio in just 6 weeks- using our proprietary 4 step planning and execution method.

Finally… a PROVEN program that walks you through the entire wholesale process- step-by-step and word-by word- so you can increase your current yearly business revenue by thousands of dollars. 

What's included:

In addition to the 4 Modules, our program includes:

  • Our proprietary “Retail isn’t dead, it’s reinvented!” process that will help you launch your own profitable client closet within your existing boudoir brand so you can create a modern shopping experience for your current customers. (We’ve got a few tried and true tricks up our sleeve that our clients LOVE)

  • Retail checklist so you can be absolutely sure you’ve covered everything needed to make sales (You’ll want to order those tags and bags plenty early to avoid rush shipping charges- because we’ve been there, done that, and we know from experience that there’s bound to be a handful of unexpected kinks that normally would cause panic!)

  • Styling and merchandising techniques to guarantee clarity in your brand so that you stand out from the competition AND create added sales.

  • Event ideas to create awareness in the community of your brand and the opportunity to sell lingerie from your client closet

  • Our “Retail Reinvented” scripts, vendor list, and budget spreadsheets so you’re not stuck with 10,000 sequined g-strings you thought were headbands when you ordered them from that online wholesaler you found on IG that one time.

  • A One-On-One call at the completion of the course that you can use however you choose. Perhaps a virtual walkthrough of your space so we can talk fixture style, height and flexibility so you have options- and can finally bring in those marabou feather "Kill Your Husband Robes" you know your clients MUST HAVE. Or review your first year budget, marketing plan and vendor list- so you get it right the first time.

  • The utter confidence that you will NOT overbuy. (Which we've seen time and time again)

The biggest regret of small business owners isn’t that they tried something new, it’s that they didn’t take a risk and dream bigger. They stayed in their lane. They kept to what they know. They listened to outside influences. They existed at a level of comfort, but missed out on the opportunity to grow. 

Because trying new things is scary and many of us aren't comfortable being uncomfortable. The problem is, that narrow-minded thinking makes for a familiar brand, but a forgettable one.

Retail isn’t built for hobbyists: it’s built for entrepreneurs. 

The entrepreneur who prefers to be overwhelmed with extraordinary, rather than bored with predictable. The entrepreneur who wants to offer experiences and things; who wants to connect with their clients over an evening of sipping cocktails and shopping handbags.  

They plan parties and events that bring in new clients. They want to build a gateway to their current service offerings, one that feels authentic and community driven. They educate those held hostage by the standard shopping experience: department store fluorescent lighting, or the unpredictable online trap that even the savviest of shoppers fall into. 

Retail is for the bold, the adrenaline junkies; the forward thinkers, the lionhearted. It’s for the risk-takers, the ambitious, and those who know that a brands value is only as big as their ideas.  

Whether you’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey for awhile now or just carving out space, the thing you’ve got in common is knowing that retail isn’t about a place: it’s about people. 

If you want to open a successful retail store like a boss you need a guidebook written by the experts.

From Client Closet to Wholesale

Learn how to wholesale so you can offer your clients a high-end Boudoir experience that differentiates your brand from the competition and drives more sales.

Your Instructors

Michelle Krick

Stylist | Retail Consultant

My name is Michelle Krick and I am a fashion expert, wardrobe stylist, and personal shopper serving West Michigan. My expertise for style, trends and fashion came out of 30 years in the retail industry. My excitement was fueled when I saw the confidence my customers gained by a new look or outfit. I also love the ever-changing world of trends in fashion. I graduated with a Business Degree from San Diego State University, and have been lucky enough to work in retail from stores to Executive level management roles in corporate buying offices. I am high energy and have a passion for everything I do. I love living an active lifestyle, whether I’m playing competitive tennis, working out at Boot Camp, or hiking with my husband and dogs, I believe in putting 110% into anything I do. Aside from sports, I love creating products inspired by paper, reading, shopping (I also own a Personal Styling Business), and spending time with my friends and family.

Elise Kutt

Photographer | Boutique Owner

A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I spent much of my 20’s in a frantic search for adventure as a Chicago location scout and producer for advertising, catalog and film shoots. I've ridden a camel across the Sahara, swam in a cage surrounded by sharks, and scouted for the perfect hot tub to fill with hot chocolate and marshmallows. I’m addicted to green juice, dying my hair, everything vintage, and the smell of new school supplies. I've spent years studying posing specific to the female body of every shape and size. I will coach you through every pose and movement like a boss and never leave you hanging! In a society that puts a camera in every hand but is quick to shame the selfie, my mission is to create a safe and supportive environment for female self expression. Empowering ALL women through photography is why what I do is so unique and special. It’s about so much more than a simple portrait, it’s about self-awareness and self-love. Join me in a movement to #existinphotos.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome! Meet your instructors!

    • Course Contract

    • Download Your Course Workbook

  2. 2
    • Vision and Strategy

    • Visual Presentation Ideas

    • Pricing Strategies and Logistics Set up

    • Supplies List

    • BONUS: Elise's Brand Deck Example

    • Developing Your Personal Brand

  3. 3
    • Financials

    • Inventory Calculations

    • Inventory Calculations Worksheet

  4. 4
    • Vendor Management

    • Vendor Letter

    • Buying Strategies

    • Vendor Recap

    • Lingerie Fit Guide

    • BONUS: Lingerie Fit Guide Template

  5. 5
    • Marketing strategies

    • Marketing Event Ideas

    • Social Media Launch Guide

  6. 6
    • Schedule Your 30 Min One-On-One Call

    • Need more support?

Bonus Resources

You'll also get some great free resources!

  • Marketing Prompts

    $199 value

    We've compiled a list of our favorite social media content that you can use to spread the word about your new boudoir experience!

  • Developing Your Personal Brand

    $299 value

    Multi-passionate entrepreneur Elise Kutt has been publicly speaking about her brand for years and FINALLY recorded some of the content specifically for students of this course! Get clear on your core values as an individual and you'll be rock solid on your core values as a brand.

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